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Any household can become victim to the age-old scourge of fleas. And while pesticide-based flea treatments can be effective, they may pose great health hazards to occupants, especially children, not to mention the hapless infested dogs themselves. Natural and non-toxic flea control remedies are the safest options.


UMUTHI’s Natural Flea Control (NFC) products kill and repel fleas and ticks in a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way. These products contain no pesticides; they are natural treatments based on safety-tested essential plant oils. These products also provide a secondary skin anti-itching and healing action, as they are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and miticidel. In addition the essential oils that NFC contain condition and enrich the dog’s fur so he looks his shiny best.


“It is my pleasure to recommend your product to all dog lovers…”

After I bathed him with (the) shampoo I was amazed that within a week everything healed up…”

“It seems to be the best anti-flea product I have come across…”

“And my one dog has no longer got the awful rash above his tail…”

“I must say, your product works like a bomb!!!”

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